White Oak Stables is home to these friendly horses and ponies.

Diamond Appeal “Erin”

Erin is a 1999 Thoroughbred mare. Not only is she a sweetheart she has loads of personality. She was bred for steeple chasing but was never raced. She enjoys carrots, peppermints, and lots of slobbery kisses. Erin lost an eye due to health problems and as a result she doesn’t jump much anymore. Erin does English or Western lessons.

How Bout Them Sox “Abbott”

Abbott is a 2005 Quarter Horse/Paint gelding. This friendly guy was bred for western pleasure competitions and has a wonderfully smooth gait, a comfy jump and is an easy horse to ride even if he can be stubborn. Abbott loves carrots, peppermints and drinking out of the hose on a hot day. He’s so smart he even knows how to unlock doors. Abbott does English or Western lessons.

Imagine That “Emma”

Emma is a 1999 Irish Sport Horse mare. She’s the most popular horse in the barn even though she’s also our most advanced. She’s a wonderfully talented jumper and a super sweetheart. Emma mainly does English lessons.

Shaneighneigh “NeighNeigh”

NeighNeigh is a 2015 pony mare. She was rescued from a local animal shelter after she was found running loose for two weeks and was abandoned by her owner. She’s currently in training and learning all about ground manners and how to walk on a lead line. She’s a bit shy but she loves carrots and apples and nuzzling your hands.

Irish Chardoneigh “Irish”

On March 30th 2018 we welcomed NeighNeigh’s filly to the farm. We didn’t even know she was pregnant until two weeks before she foaled. What an unexpected surprise! When she is old enough Irish will be weaned and ready for a new home 🙂