White Oak Stables is home to these friendly animals.

How Bout Them Sox “Abbott”

Abbott is a 2005 Quarter Horse/Paint gelding. He’s a friendly guy bred for western pleasure and has a wonderfully smooth gait and a comfy jump, but can be stubborn. Abbott loves carrots, peppermints and drinking out of the hose on a hot day. He’s so smart he even knows how to unlock doors. Abbott does English and Western lessons for riders of all skill levels.

Imagine That “Emma”

Emma is a 1995 Irish Sport Horse mare. She’s the most popular horse in the barn. She’s a wonderfully talented jumper and an incredible sweetheart. Emma mainly does English lessons for all skill levels.


Noble is a Shire x Quarter Horse cross gelding and a big teddy bear. He has become a fast favorite of students who like a big trot, comfy back and a laid back personality. Our students love to nap on him at the end of a hard lesson. He gives English and Western lessons to riders of all skill levels.

Midnight Star “Dakota”

Our newest addition is a cute Appaloosa gelding with an adorable short tail. Dakota has been part of a local lesson program for many years. We’re thrilled to welcome him to his new home. He is a small horse with a big stride, a round jump and a smooth canter. He teaches English lessons to riders of all skill levels. 

Shaneighneigh “NeighNeigh”

NeighNeigh is a 2015 Connemara pony. We rescued her from a local animal shelter after she was running loose for two weeks in Fauquier County. A month after we got her, she popped out a surprise foal! We regularly use her for our advanced English riders and a select number of intermediate English riders.

Irish Chardoneigh “Irish”

On March 30th 2018, we welcomed NeighNeigh’s filly to the farm. Irish is a Connemara pony. We didn’t even know she was pregnant until two weeks before she foaled. What a surprise! Irish is still in training and only does lessons with our most advanced riders. 

Moover and Shaker

These two Highland steers joined our farm in December 2023! They love horse treats and rubs on their chest and are halter broken. We have plans to teach them how to pull a cart and ride under saddle when they’re full grown! Interested in getting your photo taken or having a grooming session? Contact us for more information.

In Loving Memory

Erin trotting in the field

Erin was an exceptional Thoroughbred mare and the first horse in our family. She’s featured on our farm sign and has a special place in our hearts. She taught hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels the joy of riding. 1/1/1995 – 2/13/2024