We are excited to officially start offering horsemanship lessons with Kristy! Horsemanship includes so much more than just riding. Of course, everyone is always very excited to learn to ride and do more with their horses. We strive to teach even more than that. Horsemanship includes anything from learning about different horse breeds to training your own horse. In our horsemanship lessons, we will focus on how we can improve our communication and trust with our horses from the ground. 

Kristy works on desensitizing Chardoneigh

What will we learn?

We will learn how to safely and effectively work with our horses and all about Hippology.

Hippology is the study of horses and includes everything from grooming to horse behavior and anatomy. One of our main goals is to build trust and respect in our relationships with our horses.

Kristy uses a stick and string with Chardoneigh, this is called playing the violin

Who would benefit from these lessons?

Anyone and everyone over the age of 7. There is always more to learn and experience with horses. It can help us prepare to one day own our own horse or manage an entire horse facility. 

Kristy ground drives NeighNeigh

How will this help my riding?

Good question! This will not only help your riding but will greatly improve your understanding and relationship with your horse. Think of how you work with friends and family compared to someone you have only met once or twice before. We aim to help improve our communication with our horses which will directly help us in the saddle as well. 

What to wear? 

We would recommend you to wear closed-toe boots (a good example would be muck boots or paddock boots). Any type of shirt and pants that is comfortable but not super baggy. In the summer and especially on sunny days it is recommended to wear a hat.

When are the lessons?

As of right now, we are only open for horsemanship lessons on Wednesday afternoons starting the end of March 2022. If you would like to have a lesson at a different time please let us know and we will try to find a good time for you!