Worksheet – Riding Gear

This worksheet is part of our Rider Medals program. This worksheet covers Level 1: Horsemanship I riding gear skills. It has an accompanying lesson plan to take the guesswork out of teaching this lesson so you can easily provide these worksheets at the end of the lesson. It covers the following topics:

  1. Identifying paddock boots, tall boots, western boots, boot socks and half chaps by correctly coloring them.
  2. Identifying a helmet, belt, safety vest, gloves, and western hat by correctly coloring them.
  3. Identifying a western shirt, polo shirt, vest, riding pants and full chaps by correctly coloring them.
  4. Matching the correct shirts to the correct set of pants.
  5. Coloring in the items of English schooling clothes they have.
  6. Coloring in the items of Western schooling clothes they have.
  7. Writing about why it’s important to wear the correct riding gear.

This worksheet pairs well with our grooming journal, and beginner lesson journal page.

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