Student Horseback Riding Lesson Record

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This is a great way to keep a record of your riding lesson students’ progress by writing an evaluation after each riding lesson they take. The first page has a date of their lesson, their name, horse they rode, an overview of the gaits they did, the jumping they did, strength and weaknesses you observed, a large section for your lesson summary that day or any notes. The second page provides a simple rider evaluation form and covers unmounted skills, mounted skills and a evaluation of the fit with the horse they rode that day. It also includes a blank version so you can write in the values for the bubble sheet.

This student record is a simplified version of our Riding Instructor Lesson Planner pack. If you want something to help you plan riding lessons for a specific rider check, a blank rider evaluation sheet or a more thorough review of a rider’s lesson, then it may be a better fit for you.

Do you have a large lesson barn? Need something faster or to help with a much larger group of riding lesson students? Try our Student Overview Journal pages in landscape format to keep track of a larger number of students’ progress or for use with multiple riding instructors.

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