Summer Camp Guide

Horse Summer Camps Made Simple!

Are you tired of coming up with ideas for camp? Do you wish there was an easier way for you to plan out and keep campers occupied? Is your current summer camp material tired or outdated? Are you looking for some fresh new summer camp activity ideas? Then this guide is exactly what you need to rejuvenate and restart your camps or to start a brand new summer camp program.

It includes:

  • Checklist you can use as you factor each activity into your camp to easily see what you’ve missed or what you plan to leave out
  • Keep it super simple plan, just print and go
  • More advanced/tailored camp planning
    • Typical day schedule planner
    • 8 week camp planner (see page pictured above)
  • Lesson plan/activity ideas supplemented by our content with estimated duration
    • Welcome to camp
    • What is an equestrian discipline
    • Riding lesson BORED game
    • Horse art project
    • Farrier visit
    • Nature walk/hike
    • Riding lesson journals
    • Let’s play horse show
    • Rainy day fun
      • STEM learning
      • Simple time wasters
      • Horse bingo
    •  Camp review
    • Summer Showcase – goodbye party

This is a guide that comes in the Sumner Camp Bundle, it cannot be purchased separately.

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