Summer News & Events

NEW Thursday Lessons

Tobi is adding lessons on Thursday nights at 5 and 6pm. You can start signing up for these classes on June 6th and are available now if you go to Schedule A Lesson.

Friday Evening Parent’s Night Out – Horsemanship Series

This summer, we’re offering a new horsemanship series on Friday evenings from 6-8pm for $25 per child. This is for any current lesson student who wants to spend extra time at the barn learning about horses or are working on their level 5 rider medals sheet. Each time we’ll cover horsemanship skills and have some fun, too. There is no horseback riding during this series but it will be hands on with the horses. We will provide cheese/pepperoni pizza and water bottles for your kiddos!

  • June 21st
    • Horsemanship: Safety, Grooming & Care
    • Fun & Games: Poop Bingo and Charades
  • June 28th
    • Horsemanship: Nutrition and Stable Management
    • Fun & Games: Escape the Tack Room, Scavenger Hunt
  • July 12th
    • Horsemanship: Horse Behavior & Tack
    • Fun & Games: Make an Equestrian Instagram/TikTok Skit
  • July 19th
    • Horsemanship: Anatomy, Breeds, Colors & Markings
    • Fun & Games: Create a Horse Board or Card Game
  • July 26th
    • Horsemanship: Veterinary & Farrier
    • Fun & Games: Painting the Horses
  • August 16th
    • Horsemanship: Building Empathy & Good Sportsmanship
    • Fun & Games: Hobby Horsing Competition, Don’t Say Horse or Pony

Diversity Scholarship Winners!

I’m not sure how I missed these, but thankfully one of our applicants reminded me. I’m happy to announce the two winners of our scholarship this year. They will get free riding lessons once a week from June – October.

  • Emily S.
  • Lillian H.

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