Mount – Lesson Plan

Simple instructions to follow for teaching riding lesson students the basics of mounting a horse. This lesson plan is part of Rider Medals Level 2: Beginner I. Accompanying worksheets are also available, as is a quiz to re-test the rider’s knowledge. This lesson also pairs well with our Beginner I – Journal.

This lesson plan covers:

  • checking the girth and adjusting their stirrups to their armpit
  • getting the mounting block into the correct position
  • why we mount on the horse’s left side
  • cleaning off the bottom of your boots if they’re slippery
  • the importance of holding your reins while you mount
  • not hitting the horse with your leg and sitting down gently
  • checking your stirrup length from the saddle by where it hits their ankle bone
  • dropping and picking up their stirrups
  • proper foot placement in the stirrup and keeping the heel under the hip
  • toes up and heels down without bracing

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