Worksheet – Gaits of the Horse

This worksheet is part of our Rider Medals program. This worksheet covers Level 2: Beginner I gaits of the horse. It includes:

  1. Name each gait, color the fastest horse dun and the slowest palomino
  2. Fill in the blanks on the names and number of beats in each gait, including a bonus question on researching the name of the fastest record-holding thoroughbred racehorse
  3. Look at silhouettes of cantering versus galloping, see if they can identify the moment of suspension as what makes one faster than the other
  4. Think about why it’s important to name and identify the different gaits, can horses be left and right-handed like people are, why we practice at the different gaits, how to tell if a gait is too slow or too fast, and defining what a transition is.

This worksheet pairs well with our horsemanship I journal page and  beginner lesson journal page.

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