Double Standards Weigh In

So I know this is a sensitive subject but it’s an important one too. I’m not here today to debate rider weight limits or the 20% – 30% rule or even balanced versus unbalanced riding which are also good topics to discuss and should be discussed — just not here. The point of this post and these series of photos is to highlight the double standards in the equestrian community towards plus sized riders. Why is it that a plus sized rider who weighs the same or less than a taller and heavier rider is seen as being too “heavy” for their horse? Sure you can call plus sized riders all sorts of nasty names but it doesn’t discount the that whether it’s muscle or fat it weighs the same. So please, the next time you judge someone for being too heavy for their horse stop and consider that we regularly have tall 250lb riders that are never criticized about their appearance. In fact in the 2012 Olympics there were several riders over 170lbs and the largest at 194lbs and you can see the data for yourself. Everyone is built differently and everyone carries their weight differently so let’s stop shaming women, large OR small, for what they look like.

I would like to thank all the lovely participants in my double standards comparison images.

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