How to Properly Mount a Horse

For most equestrians you would think that getting into and out of the saddle was a no-brainer — wrong! I don’t know how many posts I see on Facebook with people asking how to mount their horse without the saddle slipping. Sure, your girth could be loose, but if you’re mounting properly your saddle shouldn’t be shifting. In fact you should be able to mount your horse without a girth whatsoever and still have your saddle stay where it belongs.

1. Saddle your horse. Check your girth and make sure it’s snug.

2. Approach your horse. Place one hand on the pommel of the saddle and the other on the cantle of the saddle.

3. With or without a mounting block, put your foot into the stirrup.

4. Swing your body upwards by pushing off with your foot on the ground or mounting block. Place your weight in your hands and use your foot in the stirrup for balance as you pull yourself up and into the saddle.

5. If your saddle slid towards you it means you’re putting your weight in your foot and not in your hands. When you put your weight in your hands that are positioned at the pommel and cantle you’ll be holding your saddle in place with your weight as you pull up and swing over.

6. When you can successfully mount your horse without your saddle sliding it’s time to try again with more of a challenge. Loosen your girth a few holes and try again. Did your saddle shift this time? If so try again until you can mount without it shifting.

7. For a real challenge you can try mounting your horse without a girth. For safety sake please do this with help and a spotter standing behind you. Don’t think it can be done? Check out this video to see for yourself.


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