An Old Horse Doesn’t Mean A Quiet Horse

I see it all the time on the Internet, someone is looking for a beginner friendly horse and the first recommendation people give them is “get an older horse.” Well I’m here to say please stop suggesting older horses for beginners!!! An older horse doesn’t mean a quiet horse. A horse that is quiet is one that is patient, understanding, laid back, easy to stop and forgiving of your mistakes — these are personality traits and not a result of aging or their collective life experiences. Sure, you can find beginner horses that are up there in years but that isn’t a direct correlation to them being beginner friendly or an quiet, easy ride. Some of the most difficult horses I’ve ever ridden were well into their late teens or twenties and “schoolmasters” that I would never in a million years put a new rider on.

So if you’re looking for a beginner horse just remember age is a number not a personality trait.

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