4 Step Run-In Cleaning

Here’s a fast and easy way to clean your run-in shed with just a rake, wheelbarrow and some elbow grease. This takes me about 10 minutes to do a 12 x 36 area.


Step 1

Using your manure rake go down one side of the run in and rake towards the center of the space.


Step 2

When you get to the end of the run in rake towards the center and then around the edge.


Step 3

Now rake the other side of the run in towards the center all the way back up to where you started and where your wheelbarrow is waiting.


Step 4

Start scooping your pile into your wheelbarrow, moving the wheelbarrow down as you go.



All done! Now your wheelbarrow is fully loaded and ready to be dumped. I hope this helps you speed up your run-in cleaning time dramatically!


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