Phelps Wildlife Management Area

If you haven’t been trail riding at Phelps before and you live in Northern Virginia then it’s a place you have to add to your list. Phelps has thousands of acres and over 40 miles of trails. One of the best features are the sunflower fields that are planted to attract birds and wildlife. When they’re in full bloom they are simply spectacular and well worth the trip to see. Lessons were cancelled this weekend so I could take my friend Bonnie and I could take my other friend Lori out to see them for the first time with her new horse Lexi. We all had a blast and I’m happy we got some great pictures that I can share with you.

We don’t offer trail rides but if you’re interested in riding at Phelps there’s a great group on Facebook for people who regularly ride there year round and are always looking for some trail riding buddies to go with them or to show newcomers around. One thing to note is that Phelps does allow hunting almost every month year round except for July. Hunters are used to seeing riders in and around the trails but it’s best to wear blaze colors while you ride, especially in the winter time.

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