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If you or your child are interested in attending any of the shows this summer, please fill out the form below. I will try to accommodate everyone’s preferences and dates to the best of my ability. If you don’t have a preference, please check the all check boxes.

Am I Ready To Show?

This is a personal question. Shows are hectic and they can be really overwhelming. There are a lot of horses and commotion. Showing is not for everyone. That being said, there is no reason you cannot show if you want to show. Showing is about going out and having fun and trying something new and doing your personal best.

What Do I Need To Wear?

To show you need beige/tan riding pants, paddock boots, a polo shirt with a collar, and a helmet. If you don’t have a helmet, you can use one of ours as you do for lessons. You can purchase these from or or local tack shops or any other place you see fit.

What Is The Cost To Show?

I charge a standard $25 lesson fee for the horse show. The show charges a $5 office fee and then $15 for each class. Typically riders will show in 3 classes for a single division. If the rider is jumping, they may also opt to do a $15 warm-up class to practice the jumps. Here is a full breakdown of costs.

Instruction & Horse Use: $25

Show Office Fee: $5

Class Fee: $15 per class

Total Estimate: $45 for 1 class, $75 for 3 classes (single division), or more

Who Do I Pay?

You pay Jade on the day of the show before you leave. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

What Time Do I Have To Be There?

You should be at Picturesque Farm no later than 3 pm unless otherwise instructed. The show starts at 4 pm. Depending on the classes you entered and the number of riders at the show, the show can run until late into the night (I have been there until midnight before). Bring a folding chair and drinks. Younger and less experienced riders go first. Plan to be there for several hours. There is a food truck available and a nearby McDonald’s and Sheets if you want to stop and get food on the way there.

Will I Get a Ribbon?

There is no guarantee that any rider will get a ribbon. Shows will awards ribbons to 6th place so if there are over 6 riders it’s possible you will not get a ribbon. If you ride in all 3 classes in a division they also award Reserve and Show Champion (the two riders with the highest points in the division).

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