Riding Instructor Lesson Planner

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Are you a riding instructor who struggles to create, evaluate and organize your riding lessons? Then the Lesson Planner pack is just what you need to help fine tune and evaluate what works best in your lesson program. It’s designed to help you organize and plan your lessons, evaluate your lessons in general, and then evaluate your lessons for a specific student. In addition, you’ll get a bonus rider skill evaluation page to help you evaluate your rider’s skill levels as well as a blank version of the form for your own custom evaluations.

This FREE lesson planner includes:

  1. Lesson plan sheet – design your lesson plans
  2. Lesson plan evaluation sheet – decide how well your lesson plans work for your students
  3. Student lesson plan evaluation sheet – evaluate how your students progress from your lesson plan

Bonus Materials!

  1. Student skill evaluation – use this to see help you determine your student’s skill level (2 pages)
  2. Blank student skill evaluation – if our format doesn’t work for you then use our blank version instead

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