Student Workbook – Beginner I

The second student workbook of our rider medal series! This workbook covers everything you need for a single student going through the Beginner I rider medal level in 63 pages! There’s a coloring cover page, the level 2 checklist ready for you to fill out, all 10 coloring page worksheets each followed by a journal prompt, five extra journal prompts at the end, two blank pages for notes, a completion certificate you can easily sign and date along with (or in place of) their rider medal, and a final coloring page. There are also corresponding resources for this level available as separate downloads.

If you like our rider medals program and you want to support more content like this, please consider purchasing this student workbook. All materials within this workbook are available for a free download individually, so no purchase is necessary to use our program. The contents of this workbook include (click each link to get the free download for each individual worksheet):

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