Worksheet – Cleaning Tack

This worksheet is part of our Rider Medals program. This worksheet covers Level 1: Horsemanship I parts of the head, leg and body skills. It has an accompanying lesson plan to take the guesswork out of teaching this lesson so you can easily provide these worksheets at the end of the lesson. There is also a quiz to later test these skills. It covers the following topics:

  1. Five steps to cleaning your tack
  2. Five questions, one after each step, to reflect on that aspect of cleaning tack
  3. A chart to fill out after cleaning three different pieces of tack (ie bridle, saddle, martingale/breast plate)
  4. Write about how weather and humidity affects tack and name two things that happen when your tack is not properly taken care of.

This worksheet pairs well with our grooming journal, and beginner lesson journal page.

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