Summer Camp – I

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

The girls had a blast and we have tons of pictures to show for it!

Horseback Riding

Each camper got to ride once a day, and some of them rode twice a day! Several tried bareback riding, played bareback tag, trotted and jumped for the first time!

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The theme for our art this week was Selfie Portraits in the styles of different Great Master’s artists: Hinri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Paul Klee, Roy Lichtenstein and Pablo Picasso.

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Each camper learned how to feed, groom, brush, bathe, tack up and clean the horse’s stalls and their tack. Some of them also learned how to put on sport boots and braid manes and tails.

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Water Fight

Who doesn’t love a good spray down on a hot day? The campers used water balloons, squirt guns and water buckets to douse each other until they were soaking wet.

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Snow Cones

After riding lessons and our group activity it was a perfect time to make snow cones and cool down. The most interesting flavor combo the girls came up with this week was a grape/blueberry/cotton candy/watermelon mix…..uh, yummy?

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Farrier Demonstration

Our wonderful farrier Terry came out to give the girls a talk about the parts of the horse’s hooves, how they carry their weight on their hooves and how it affects their foot, and show all the girls all the farrier’s tools. Each camper got a horseshoe to take home.

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Bow Making

One of the camper’s wonderful mother’s came out to teach the campers how to make show ribbons to go in their hairs. They were a huge hit and most of the girls wore them all week long.

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Driving Demonstration

My wonderful friend Tracy came over with her adorable pony Corey to teach the campers how the cart works, how to hook it up and then gave each person a ride around our arena at a walk and a trot. So much fun! Then one of our campers fell in love with Corey and decided to ride him in her lesson.

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Scavenger Hunt

Towards the end of the week the campers were challenged to a scavenger hunt around the barn, trailer, playground and our outdoor arena. One team scored 65 points by finding most of the scavenger hunt items and had a sweeping victory over the other two teams.

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The campers got to make fondant cupcake toppers, cupcakes and homemade ice cream. Their fondant horses turned out super adorable!

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Priceless Moments

Here are some of our favorite photos and memories from this week’s camp!

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End of Camp Art Show

Finally, we rounded out the week with our end of camp art show where the kids served their cupcakes, tea and homemade ice cream. A special thank you to everyone who helped make our first camp such a huge success and for all the amazing memories!!!

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