Summer Camp – III

So our second session of camp was canceled but our third session was just as much fun as the first one. Here’s a look at all the neat things our campers got to do this past week.


The girls learned how to muck stalls, clean tack, rake the aisle, sweep the tack room and feed, groom and tack up the horses every day. Boy they did such a good job!

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Vet Visit

The vet came out on Tuesday to show the girls how they opened a horse’s mouth and used a file to make their teeth smooth again. They were even brave enough to stick their hands in the horses’ mouths and feel their teeth. How neat!


Bareback Riding

Camp is never completed without a day of bareback riding! Once the girls got used to going without a saddle they played bareback tag, one of my personal favorites.

Obstacle Course

The girls were challenged to weave through the cones, open the gate, and then pick up and drop batons into buckets around the arena without dropping them.

Scavenger Hunt

Lots of fun treasures are hidden around the farm and the girls are challenged to find them. The person who finds the most gets to make their snow cone first!

Snow Cones

There’s nothing better than a cool treat after a hot day of riding and running around the farm. This weeks most adventurous flavor was Banana and Green Apple!

Birthday Celebration

On the first day of camp we celebrated one of our campers 12th birthdays with some cake. Yum!


The girls got to make cupcakes, cupcake toppers, fresh squeezed lemonade, homemade orange creamsicle ice cream in preparation for our end of camp Art Show.

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Painted Horses

The campers learned about Indian war paint and how Native American tribes painted their horses with different symbols before they went to battle. Then they got to make their own “War Horses”…. needless to say the final outcomes were quite hilarious.

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Bow Making

One Tuesday one of our camper’s mothers came out to show the girls how to make beautiful ribbons for their hair in our barn show colors.

Water Fights

When the temperatures are in the 90’s for the week there’s nothing like some water fights to cool things down. We had two of them this week and they were a big hit.

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Water Art

During our second water fight we decided to try our hand at some water art. It turned out amazing, too bad it doesn’t last.


Things got pretty bubblicious as the campers tried to make bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

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Pairs Riding

This is where the campers had to try and keep their horses going at the same speed all the way around the arena. The goal was to keep their noses even and it’s a great exercise for controlling the horse’s pace.

Art Show

On Friday we wrapped up our fun week of camp by putting together all of the week’s art projects for a family meet and greet and Art Show. The campers served their ice cream, cup cakes and fresh lemonade on the back patio. Thanks for a great week of camp guys!

Priceless Moments

Camp wouldn’t be complete without a few priceless moments like theses.

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